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This website is the place where we publish information about hand-made electric guitars from my workshop. We make musical instruments of our own construction and shapes. We do not copy somebody else designs. We make our creations only. My workshop production is independent of any other company or retail chain. There are descriptions of guitar models available on separate pages. We can make a new instrument on the basis of the prototype with some available modification or design a brand new prototype or single unique piece to meet musicians requirements. All instruments available for sale are stocked by our authorized seller. You should find detailed information about the sales on this website.

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Zdenek Rumler

ZR Guitars play:

  • Ivan Boreš (CZ)
    • Fretless Scarab - 2013
    • ZR Gee - 2014
    • Odyssea - 2015
  • Petr Jiroušek - D.L.D.(CZ)
    • Scarab - 2014
  • Neil Appleby (UK)
    • Scarab (slide version) - 2015
  • Jaroslav Brejcha - Hera Rock (CZ)
    • Hera - 2015
  • Arli Liberman (NZ)
    • Scarab AL signature - 2016


Our official UK seller:

All our new guitars available for sale in the UK are stocked by authorized dealer SOUNDS GREAT MUSIC. You can see the actual offers on their online shop or you can visit them and play some of the guitars in their show room.

180-182 Wilmslow Road
Heald Green
tel. 0161 4364799

About hand-made guitars

Like any other hand-made craftworks, these guitars are objects valued at their individuality. There are not two single instruments with the same appearance. An individual character is a result of each musician demands and uniqueness of wood. That applies to the material appearance and sound characteristic. Succesfull creation of such a unique guitar is determined by carefull preparation and precise manufacturing. Modern technology can be very usefull in planning processes and job realization if used sensitively but the essence of the final success is in manual work.

There is a big difference between custom made guitars and serial manufactory production. My guitars are usually made for a specific person. This has a big influence on the final design. Even if there is a particular design prepared for a job, giving a final shape and finishing of each guitar is influenced by material structure and shapeability. Also, the touch feeling of a new shapes changes the original ideas. Searching for newly invented or innovated parts gives me more ideas for a guitar shapes and how to highlight them. The other way around, there are situations where it is quiet impossible to find a suitable part for the project, then I have to change the whole idea or think of making the component by myself.

Electric guitar making is a craft which requires several different skills and qualities. There is a determination on the first place, patience and endurance. Thoroughness in manual work is necessary for precise results. There is no such a machine which would be able to shape wood so unequally and smoothly as the human hand can make it to give a pleasure from touching and watching the finished product. There is a lot of pain and other feelings too in woodworking. There is a soul of living trees hidden inside the timber and we bring it back to live through our work. It can be heard to sing from a guitar. That's what makes all the handmade musical instruments different and unique.

Zdenek Rumler, 6th of March 2016

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